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Young Little Theatre (YLT) is open to children between the ages of 8 and 12. Every year they put on their own play in the summer holidays, and also take part in Haslingfield Little Theatre's November Production.

For all members, YLT is a fantastic experience - developing not only excellent stage and performance skills, but also by giving them confidence, a sense of responsibility, and of course wonderful memories.

Workshops for Beginners

Their journey begins at the Workshops for Beginners, when the children have a taste of everything that can go into a production. They learn how to use the stage, create characters and scripts, as well as having practical sessions in the other aspects of a production, including: Seeing how sound & special effects can be used, looking at the costumes in our extensive costume loft. The Workshops take place on Sunday mornings in January/February at Haslingfield Village Hall.

2020 Workshops for Beginners

The 2020 sessions will run from 19 January to 1 March from 10.00 to 11.30 am
at Haslingfield Village Hall. They are open to children between the ages of 8 and 12, who are at aged 8 by the first session on 19 January. The cost for these sessions will be £40.

For more information, please contact Cheryl at: cheryllowery@btinternet.com

Play in a Week

After completing the Workshops for Beginners, members can take part in the YLT Play in a Week, which takes place in July or August. The Play in a Week lives up to its name - the children start rehearsing on Monday morning, and by Friday evening put on their own play to a paying audience. The performance is totally the children's responsibility. There are no adults to tell them when to go on stage or to prompt them - indeed, the director sits in the audience.

  Cast of 2019 Play: We're Losing our Cool

Here are some comments from recent participants:

“I enjoyed everything. It’s good getting to know other children so you can act well with them.”
“It’s good working as a team. And I feel proud of myself.”
“It’s different to anything else I do and it’s made me feel so confident.”
“I couldn’t believe seeing the whole play coming together from a single idea.”

Past YLT Play in a Week productions include:

2019 We're Losing our Cool
2018 What's the Big Issue?
2017 Racism - Anyone Laughing?
2016 We're not just Numbers
2015 Forgiving and Forgetting
2014 Choices
2013 The Surprise
2012 It's Never Going to End
2011 Summer Holiday
2010 Hamlet - A Detective Comedy
2009 Museum Mayhem
2008 The Rocky Monster Show
2007 Macbeth
2006 The Tempest
2005 Romeo and Juliet
2004 A Midsummer Night's Dream
2003 A Victorian Music Hall
2002 Life Goes On
2000 Space Junk
1999 Utter Garbage

November Production

Following Play in a Week, some YLT members go on to participate in Haslingfield Little Theatre's November show. They usually rehearse separately first, joining the adults nearer to show dates. Here are some of the children's comments about their experience:

".I have loved every minute of this panto. I wouldn't change it for the world"
".it's brilliant fun and I would encourage anyone to join"
".I have had laughter, fun and loads more"
".you can show that you can shine like a star".

After YLT

Many children continue drama as teenagers with Haslingfield Little Theatre, and some have gone on to study drama at university and have become professional performers.

To find out more about Haslingfield Young Little Theatre, please contact Cheryl Lowery on: cheryllowery@btinternet.com


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To find out more about Haslingfield Young Little Theatre please contact Cheryl Lowery on:

Email: cheryllowery@btinternet.com

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We rehearse and perform our plays at:

Find us on BingHaslingfield Village Centre,
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